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Our Story

Mosko was founded in 2013 when we (Pete & Andrew) left our corporate jobs to make moto gear. Our partnership combines decades of design and manufacturing experience for some of the world’s leading outdoor brands, with first-hand experience riding dualsport bikes through some of the remotest corners of the globe.

Our name, Mosko Moto, is an abbreviation of "Mosquito Coast" (aka "La Moskitia"), a remote and sparsely-traveled region in Eastern Honduras and Nicaragua. Back in 2013, Pete was wandering around La Moskitia on his bike when he crashed in an isolated section near the Nicaragua border. It was a "twist of fate" moment, because he returned to the U.S. to recover in the Columbia Gorge, and that's where he and Andrew - then the lead bag designer at DaKine - hatched a plan to start Mosko. A year later, after countless hours of thinking, talking, cutting, sewing, riding, and revising, Pete returned to the Mosquito Coast with prototypes in hand to retrieve his bike and ride it out to Panama.

Every aspect of our designs as well as the entire process of building our business is detailed online in real-time via our blog & Advrider thread. By publishing rather than protecting this information, we collect direct and unbiased feedback from hundreds of dualsport riders around the world before our designs are finalized.

We only sell direct to rider - no dealers, no distributors - which eliminates a costly distribution step and enables us to use premium materials without making the product too expensive. Motorsport retailers typically markup a product by 50-100% over the manufacturer’s original price. By selling direct, we can deliver that added value to the rider through premium features, top-shelf materials, and highly competitive prices. Because we sell direct, we rely on word-of-mouth marketing to build our brand. So please spread the word, and join us in the product development process at the links below:

- Blog: Mosko Blog

- Advrider: Mosko Moto Soft Bags for Offroad & Dualsport

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Pete & Andrew

Warranty and Crash Replacement

We offer an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty on all our sewn seam bags, and a two year warranty on welded seam bags. Contact us for discounted crash replacement pricing.

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